Special Bridge Course: Calculus III - 3 Credit Hours

Most of the U.S. collegiate academic system is on a 4-credit hour semester model.

The standard first year of Calculus is usually split into: Calculus I and Calculus II.

But not all U.S. schools are on a 4-credit hour semester model. Some schools are on 3-credit hour semesters, some are on 5-credit hour quarters, etc.

For those students in a different credit hour system, usually the 4 credit hour courses will transfer, usually being "a little more" than their intended transfer course.

One distinctive case has been the student who has completed Calculus I (differentiation) and Calculus II (integration) under a quarter system or a 3-credit hour semester system, and wishes to take Calculus III (Sequences, Series, Introduction to 3D Calculus).

The equivalency of these courses is shown in the following table

4-credit Semester3-credit Semester/Quarters
 Calculus I Calculus I
  Calculus II
 Calculus II
  Calculus III

Examples of the Curriculum

Below are some PDF "print outs" of a few of the LiveMathâ„¢ notebooks from Calculus&LiveMathâ„¢ by Davis/Porta/Uhl. Included as well is an example homework notebook completed by a student in the course, demonstrating how the homework notebooks become the "common blackboards" that the students and instructor both write on in their "conversation" about the notebook.

Course Catalog Listing

MAT 3070: Analytical Geometry and Calculus III [3 credit hours]

Course Description: Applications of differential and integral calculus to improper integrals, infinite series, conics, polar coordinates, and vector analysis. Prerequisite: MAT 2520.

Prerequisite: Calculus II
Detailed Course Syllabus in PDF