Who Can Enroll?

The short answer: Anyone.

Revised answer: Anyone with a (decent) computer and (stable) internet connection..

Institutional Requirements

Further information on institutional requirements will be posted here soon.

Academic Requirements / Prerequisites

The only significant academic requirement for enrolling in Distance Calculus is meeting the prerequsities for the courses. For Calculus I, for example, the prerequisite is "a course in precalculus".

A very common question we receive from students is: "I took precalculus 10 years ago, do I need to take it again before enrolling in Distance Calculus?"

The answer to this question is no in most cases. If we detect a weakness in your academic background surrounding issues in precalculus, for example, we will assign you extra modules at the precalculus level for you to strengthen your skills in that area. Due to the Mastery Learning approach of Distance Calculus, you can go as slow or as fast as you like through the material, so if you need extra time on precalculus, you take an extra few days/weeks to review that material and improve your skills.

If you have not actually taken a prerequisite course and would like to "skip it", that, of course, is not allowed. We do require all new students to submit proof of completion of prerequisite courses via academic transcript.

Distance Calculus Students are...

In summary, "who can enroll" might best be explained via a list of the most common types of students we have in Distance Calculus: